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ABHAI - The Bold and the Beautiful

Hail "Tardiness"!

August 17, 2015. For once, ironically, tardiness scripted a beautiful love story of Abhilash and Aiswarya in tandem. It was at a mutual friend's wedding. True as in her father’s movies, Aishu’s love story began to blossom when Abhilash was on the dais. As Aishu entered the hall, her eyes spotted her man and lo and behold! The magic was spun. She was swooned.

While they were assiduously working to get acquainted soon after that, their high profile families were not convinced and could not reconcile over the fact that their son and daughter were in love and had to be united in marriage.

Abhi's "Nice and Sweet" nature as against Aishu’s "Sharp and Blunt" (that's how Aiswarya puts it cheekily) were definitely a match made in heavens. Simply because it took 1720 days of courtship to finally get their families to accept and get them to tie the knot.

This long phase helped them understand and learn about each other, subscribing to her father’s theory of having no expectation from the other. That unconditional love from Aishu, to love and be loved is the biggest happiness" for Abhilash. "She opened the floodgates of my mind to help me break my shackles and be a different person", he acknowledges.

9th and 10th February 2019

Two big days for both Aishu and Abhilash. They had two ceremonies planned - a Syrian Christian style wedding on 9th February 2019 at Church; a traditional Malayali Hindu style wedding on 10th February 2019. At the end of the wedding, they became veteran event planners across faiths without a doubt.

It was an emotional milieu for Aishu and her family, having lost her dear father a few months back. This was evident in the way they bowed to his picture before starting to the Church in his vehicle. How else could the event be made more memorable! His car served as a bridal car, aesthetically decorated.

Incidentally, as we played with their names, we were struck with this meaningful word ABHAI- from ABHilash and AIshwarya - which meant fearlessness and fortitude, which was what they stood for through their courtship and marriage.

Join us in the celebration by wishing Aiswarya and Abhilash - the Bold and the Beautiful couple - happiness and bliss as they continue their journey as soulmates with love and laughter filling their lives always.

The bridesmaid and groomsmen dressed to perfection in pink and blue ushered the bride and the groom in for the Moment where Gods and near ones were waiting to shower their blessings in abundance on this charismatic couple.

Aishu also carried her father’s portrait as she walked down the aisle with her mom by her side. He was there in spirits with them holding her hand and blessing every moment.

When the knot was tied in front of the Parish priest, both Aishu and Abhilash could resonate well with Abhilash’s “This is it” phrase - something they’d been waiting to cry out loud and far, yet maintaining the sanctity and decorum of the place and event, by whispering just enough for the other to hear and acknowledge with a solemn sigh of thankfulness and relief.

Boy! This was seriously so overwhelming.

The Hindu Malayali wedding began with the parents pouring rice with husks into a hammered brass vessel.

Gorgeously dressed Aishu with a tinge of shyness that comes with being a new bride, was escorted into the wedding hall by her relatives, each of them holding lamps in their hands, signifying prosperity and auspiciousness.

A silent worker behind the scenes was Aiswarya’s sister Angel, who went out of her way to lend us support throughout the event. True to your name, you were a blessing, indeed. Kudos Angel!

Aiswarya looks forward to being in each other’s company. Of course, after the long wait.

"We will live life the way we want" declare A and A in unison to continue in a perfect fairytale style.

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