The SHEkar Story - Love Transcending Distances

Updated: Mar 9, 2019

Happy is the bride that the sun shines on.

Feb 18th and 19th of 2019 saw hues of red, yellow and golden splash out wild in Karishma and Abhishek's Gujarati wedding, filling the atmosphere with joy, warmth and prosperity.

In a period when arranged marriages are seeing a slow decline in India, this wedding was an eyebrow raiser. Karishma's mother had shown the profile of Abhishek to her that was "interesting and funny", after which, Karishma agreed to talk to the "boy" and get to know him. Having been raised in the United States, Abhishek was skeptical but was given the freedom to decide.

It was during the visit of Karishma to Abhishek's home in the US and a trip to New York later, that the relationship sharpened. "Trekking in the woods, date outings, the coffee time during an "extended period of time together" made them get closer and conclude that they were made for each other.

“Somebody with a caring heart, a team player is who I want to be with", says Abhishek. Karishma adds, “ He kept my family informed of my every move in the US and that made me grow fonder of him.” Adding to that, “ I also found someone who listens to my Bakwas jokes”, she giggles.

A whole lot of pre-fabrication work was done by Karishma's parents and her younger sister Payal with clear instructions from the to-be-bride herself. A day of Mehendi and Sangeet followed by another day of wedding brought moments of emotion, love,and bonding to center stage.

Honestly, it was an affair of the heart and an event to behold.

Karishma would miss all the "excel sheets" of her father and her mother's gentle push in getting things done for the better. Payal fondly remembers the motherly love of her sister and the hands that would serve as a pillow during nights. They would be deeply etched in memories forever.

For Karishma, it was a relief to be with the love of her life yet a sad moment to leave the most beloved people away to a far off land. Karishma's parents mention that they will miss this "good and supportive" child of theirs, and her jabbers unlike Abhi, who measures his talk.

Karishma looks forward to having a new roommate, having been tired of this long distance relationship. And Abhishek vows that she would be in good hands and well taken care of. Yes, love has transcended distances and captured two lovely hearts.

“Be happy wherever you are,” bless the parents unanimously. We join them in wishing the couple love, long life and togetherness as Mariah Carey’s “We belong together” song plays along.

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