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Vrishar, Bonded Forever

"We're such a good team", says Vrishin and that's exactly what brought Vrishin and Sharanya together to make this beautiful relationship.

It began virtually just like any other, living many miles apart on either sides of the coast. There was something that ticked in each other to become friends. But not for long. The very first meeting of Sharanya and Vrishin in the Bay Area in the US of A in 2015 had opened up the doors to being more than just friends.

A connection was forged and a bond unlocked. The souls finally found their purposes endorsed defying all logic and understanding.

That wasn't all. Vrishin longed for a company to lend him ears when he was under forceful rest due to an injury and who else but Sharanya could do that? It was virtually from France. This was the very beginning to everything dramatic, with cinematography and script unfolding naturally. They spoke of everything under the sun, from Tamil movies to Tamil culture, bonding even more, beyond borders.

The very mention of the name "Vrishin" by Sharanya during one of the calls opened up valleys of thoughts in her parents' minds. And no sooner did she learn that his parents had visited hers and stayed there for a couple of days than she felt completely hatched.

Or was it hitched?

Yes, Perfectly! They were soon engaged and spent their engaged lives in different time zones, planning a perfect wedding that was 12 and a half months later.

Sharanya says that they needed the extra time to plan a perfect wedding, something that involved a lot of intricate details to be looked into with two parents living in two different time zones and they both in two more. Every preparation had a story to convey, right from the choice of colours for their attire to the set, it was perfect.

Here’s a sneak peek into the family’s eye for detail. Days before the wedding, to our amazement, we saw Sharanya’s parents drop by our Studio with her, inviting me for her wedding. The things that they brought with them, right from “Paruppu Thengai” to “Veshti Sattai” for a photographer was simply baffling. They were such a wishful group!

The day before the wedding saw the couple let their hair loose and take stage along with their friends and families during the Mehendi and Dance night at Park Hyatt. A night of merry making, it was, providing a fun start that was synonymous with the spirits of “Vrishar”, to the two day ritual of a TamBrahm wedding.

The wedding was on the 27th of January 2019 at AVM Rajeshwari Hall with laughter, tradition and rituals orchestrated in perfect harmony. They all pulled it off in perfect style, especially the sweet and energetic parents of “Vrishar”, who raced ahead of the couple at every point to spring surprises and plan a beautiful event of their lifetime.

For Vrishin, it was a day that they had both eagerly awaited for long, to spend time in each other’s company. “The wait has taught me that relationship is more important than career and other things”, he says and we concur as well.

Every Jack has his Jill.

Here, Vrishin has Sharanya, forever.

Come with us and enjoy the pages of this romantic “Vrishar” wedding album and don’t forget to wish them joy and prosperity as they move ahead as one soul.

They make a good team, don’t they?